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Trends change periodically, and it’s no different when it comes to contemporary interior design.  The emerging trend of wabi-sabi, with its particularly charming connection of minimalism and natural elements melded into a particular Japanese aesthetic, is one of the latest concepts.


The contemporary design ideas of this new trend are actually not all that new.  Wabi-sabi came from Japan, from the 12th and 13th centuries. One of the foundations of this philosophy is that everything in life is constantly changing and that nothing is eternal. The basis of this teaching is the tendency towards simplicity and modesty.


Minimalism and the harmony of natural materials and shapes are appreciated. The view is expressed that imperfection or incompleteness is not a disadvantage because there is no beginning or end.  It is all part of an endless life cycle. Wabi-sabi can be translated as: raw, unfinished, Ojeda – incomplete, intentionally or accidentally.


What is most characteristic and distinguished by wabi-sabi, is certainly the beauty of imperfection and the celebration of natural elements in the decoration. These interior design tips are precisely the ideal frame for incorporating elements such as hand-made ceramics or rustic wood beams as the emphasis in the arrangement of living space.  Thus, natural and handmade objects such as old wood furniture, textured textiles like linen, exposed brick walls, and imperfectly finished wood floors are the main materials of this new trend.


Another important feature is openness – the transparency of space and the way in which completely rustic elements are combined with those that are modern or can be classified into a generation of modern technical devices.


Integration of rustic with modern and the perfection of imperfect represents an interior that is in the process of creation. Cracks, scratches, scrapes – no need to be afraid of these phenomena because it is part of the beauty of a comfortable living space.


In any case, this unusual trend is undoubtedly on the rise.


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