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Learn how to measure for your custom made curtains

Step 1: Choose Single Width or Double Width Drapery Panels

Please keep your calculations from this form for installation.

Measure overall width of window (do not include the casing (trim) around your window).

If your window measures 42” wide or less, we recommend our single width panels.

If your window measures more than 42” wide, we recommend our double width panels, especially if you plan to close your drapes. If you don’t plan to close your drapes, you can use single width panels on windows up to 60” wide.

My Window Width: ___________
42”or less = Single Width Panel
More than 42”= Double Width Panel

Single or Double Width: ____________________________

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Step 2: Choose Rod Size:
48” (4 ft.), 72” (6 ft.), 96” (8 ft.), or 144” (12 ft.)

My Window Width (from Step 1) _________+ 24” for Single Width, =________Rod Length.


My Window Width (from Step 1) _________+ 48” for Double Width =________Rod Length.

Take Rod Length and round up to 48”, 72”, 96” or 144” = ____________Rod Size to Order.

The addition of 24” or 48” will allow for the curtain to “stackback” on the wall so it isn’t covering your window glass. We recommend a minimum of 12” beyond glass, depending on how full you want your custom made curtains to hang.

Finials can add up to an additional 5 3/4” of length (2 7/8” on each end of rod) depending on which style you choose. Be sure to double check that you have enough wall space.

All our rods can be easily cut down to a specific size, if desired, using a pipe cutter from any hardware store.

curtain measuring instructions illustration 2


Step 3: Choose Curtain Panel Length: 90” OR 102”

Measure from the top of your window casing (trim) down to the floor to get window height.

Window Height: __________________ + 2 1/2” = _________________Minimum Rod Height.

Measure from your ceiling down to the floor to get ceiling height.

Ceiling Height: __________________ - 2” = _________________Maximum Rod Height.

You can hang your custom made curtains anywhere between your minimum and maximum rod height.

Typically either our 90” or 102” length will fit between your minimum and maximum rod height. If not, please contact us to tailor your custom order.

curtain measuring instructions illustration 3


Design Tips For Choosing Your Sizes

Panel Width

  • The above size recommendations are for curtains that will be closed for privacy and light control.  If you will not be closing your drapes, you could use single width curtain panels on windows up to 60” wide. 

Rod Size

  • Most clients want to see all of their glass, not have it covered by their curtains.  This is why we add the 24” or 48” to your rod length.  Now your custom made curtains will have room to hang beside your windows, not in front of them.

Panel Length

  • You want your rod to hang at least 2” above the casing to block sunlight and completely cover the casing.
  • The bottom of your curtains should hang ½” – 1” above the floor, unless you want them to puddle on the floor.
  • To puddle your custom made curtains you will need approximately 8 – 12” of extra length.
  • Rings will add approximately 2” to the height of your curtains.
  • Grommets will cause 1” of your curtains to sit above the rod.

Ease of Installation

  • Consider the area around a window before choosing the size of your custom made curtains.  Be aware of items like light switches, heating vents, outlets and how your drapes may cover them.
  • To make your installation easier, hang your rod at least 2” below the ceiling.  This will ensure enough clearance to place the rod on the brackets and allow for finials to sit above the top of the rod.
  • Rod height is a matter of personal preference. When installing your brackets, you can adjust the placement of your rod, a little higher or lower, to get the bottom of the custom made curtain to fall where you want.

Please keep your calculations from this form.  You will need them for installation

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