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Learn how to install your custom window treatment.


  • Measuring Tape and Pencil
  • Power Drill with Drill bits
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Stud Finder

Drape Hardware:

  • 1 Curtain Rod (2 with hidden splice if 8 ft. or longer)
  • 2 Brackets (3 if 8 ft. or longer rod)
  • Screws and Drywall Anchors
  • 2 Finials
  • Allen wrench

Read all installation instructions before you begin installing your custom window treatment.


Step 1: Determine Bracket Placement

Take your rod length measurement from your Measuring Instructions form. If your rod needs to be shortened, do this now. All our rods can be easily cut to a specific size using a pipe cutter from any hardware store. If you need to shorten a large rod with a splice, cut equal amounts from each rod to keep splice centered.

A. Horizontal Placement

Find center point of your window and mark wall above.

Rod Length (in inches): ________- 4” = _______ distance between bracket screw holes.

Distance between bracket screw holes ______ ÷ 2 = _____ window center point to each bracket screw hole. Mark screw hole horizontal placements on wall with pencil.

curtain install illustration 2

B. Vertical Placement

Place curtain on rod. Measure HEIGHT from top of rod (not curtain fabric) to bottom of your curtain.

Height Measurement: _____ +1/2” (so curtains don’t drag on floor) = ________ Rod Height.

Rod Height ______+ 1/2” = _______ Height of bracket upper screw hole from floor. If puddling your drapes, mount your bracket 8– 12” lower for desired effect.

Mark the spot where the horizontal and vertical screw hole placement intersect. Position bracket UPPER screw hole over your intersection mark and add mark for lower screw hole.


Step 2: Mount Brackets

A. Predrill First Bracket

Predrill pilot holes on screw hole pencil marks. Always drill into stud. If stud is not available, use drywall anchors to support weight of rod.

If mounting on drywall, use drywall anchors. Gently hammer one drywall anchor into each pilot hole. The size of your pilot hole will be determined by anchor or screw size. Look for a snug fit. A loose fit will cause your drapes to sag downward or potentially fall when hung. Drywall anchors should be flush with wall's surface to create a level surface for hardware.

B. Mount First Bracket

C. Level Second Bracket

Place rod in first mounted bracket and use level to CONFIRM placement of second bracket. Mark final placement of bracket screw holes.

If second bracket placement is not level with the first, you will need to adjust second bracket by eye to create the illusion of a level rod. While you expect the second bracket to be level, in older buildings the ceiling height can vary by several inches one end of the wall to the other. You will need to adjust this by eye to find what is most pleasing for your custom window treatment.

D. Mount Second Bracket

E. Mount Center Bracket (For Rods 8ft and Over)

Place rod in the mounted brackets and CONFIRM placement of center bracket. Mark screw holes and mount bracket.


Step 3: Hang Your Custom Window Treatment

A. Place Curtains on Rod

B. Place Rod in Brackets

Place first ring, grommet, or loop of curtain between bracket and finial location.

Tighten screws on front of brackets to keep rod from shifting.

C. Add Finials

Place finials on rod ends and tighten finials with Allen wrench provided.

D. Adjust Curtains as Needed

Adjust the width of your curtains on the rod for desired look.

Wrinkles will tend to fall out over time, but can be steamed if preferred.


Love Your Contemporary Curtains!

Installation Tips:

  • Wherever possible, insert screws into studs. Using a stud finder will ensure you find the right location. Use anchors if not screwing into stud.
  • Drill pilot holes into wall for screws and/or anchors. Pilot holes are starter points for screws or anchors to enter and will help to prevent plaster or drywall from cracking. The exact size of pilot hole depends on how large or small the screw and/or anchor is. Start smaller and test your hardware in the hole for size and fit. It's easier to make a hole bigger than to fill or patch it to start new.
  • All our rods can be easily cut down to a specific size, if desired, using a pipe cutter from any hardware store.
  • If you need to cut down a large rod with splice (8 ft and longer), cut equal amounts from each rod to keep splice centered.

Download Installation Instructions


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