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Most people don’t think of fabric as a critical design element in a bathroom.  However, fabric can make quite a statement in this room.

When designing your bathroom, there is always the important decision of how to enclose the shower.

Current trend suggests a frameless glass panel or door, which is a clean contemporary look that makes the space feel larger.  This is an option we often recommend to clients with a preference for contemporary interior design.  However, this solution can have its drawbacks. Water streaks, spots, and residue are some of them. Maintenance is required if you want to retain the Pinterest worthy look.

contemporary shower curtain

If you have a stand-alone shower, the frameless glass surround is usually the best option.  However, if you have a shower and bath tub combo, think about a shower curtain.  It is an excellent mix of headache-free functionality and style.

Bathrooms can feel cold with all the hard surfaces – tile, stone, glass, porcelain, mirror, etc. – a contemporary curtain added to the shower can provide much needed softness and texture.  Nothing beats a custom curtain no matter where it is, and a bathroom is just one of those places.  With a good shower liner to protect the fabric, you can create a spectacular shower curtain that will bring in color, texture, or pattern to create a lift to the space.

What about windows in the bathroom?  Consider adding fabric to the windows to create a luxurious, spa-like retreat.  With the investment in a good exhaust fan, there is no longer a need to worry about incorporating textiles into your bathroom.


Custom made curtains allow coordination between the shower curtain, window treatments, and the rest of your home, creating continuity and flow throughout the space. If a home is designed with a color or finish that’s not present in the bathroom, it can be easily corrected with custom curtains to tie spaces together.

Fabric adds softness, texture, color, or pattern, and can create a dramatic or understated design aesthetic in any space.  Textiles can make a huge impact in any space, why not bring that joy into your bathroom as well!
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