Window treatments are big deal when considering how to design any room in your homeWith so many options to choose from, trying to find the best fit can be overwhelming. When selecting window treatments for clients, we consider several factors to be sure we get it right. Some things for you to consider when choosing custom window treatments are: functionality, style, and type of material.  Do you need to block light, create privacy, or just add to the visual design of your space? Can you layer more than one option? a-guide-to-window-treatments-part-1-aIn terms of functionality, window treatments can meet many practical needs, especially when layered. Curtains or shades lined with blackout fabric will fully block light from the outside. Shades or blinds paired with drapescan block all angles of the windows to provide maximum privacy at night. Sheers will allow plenty of light into a room, reducing the need for lamps during the day and making them a sound option for living rooms, dining rooms and patios.

When it comes to style there are so many things to consider! What style do you prefer? What type of ambience do you wish to create in the room? There is such a huge range of style options from; classic, traditional pleated drapes to contemporary curtains, blinds and shades, making them a simple way to transform a room and add personality. The way a window is “dressed” (or not) sets the tone of the room.

Choosing the best quality materials for window treatments is important. Fabric, wood and metal elements can all be brought into your space adding to the overall design of your room.
High quality materials will also add to the longevity of your treatments. Custom window treatments are an investment, be sure to get the best quality for your budget.a-guide-to-window-treatments-part-1-b

When contemplating what window treatments will work best in your home, it is important to take your time and consider each room individually when selecting window treatments; don’t feel like what you select in your living room must apply to your dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Each space in your home isunique and functions differently. For example, you may want to create privacy and block out light in your bedroom (function) while creating an atmosphere conducive to a peaceful place to rest and recharge (style and materials).  Those exact needs will most likely not apply to the other spaces in your home, where the need for function and aesthetics will strike a different balance.  Of course, as with any good design, you DO want to make sure the rooms flow well together, so you will want to choose colors and quality goods that coordinate well together.


a-guide-to-window-treatments-part-1-cChoosing the right window treatments for your home may at first seem like a daunting task, but it is one that pays off in a big way because nothing makes a room look more polished and finished than custom window treatments.  To learn how to measure windows correctly for your window treatments and more interior design tips, please visit our website  In our next blog we will continue our discussion on custom window treatments and the specific options available to you.

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Specialty windows are stationary windows that don’t operate and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to help maximize your view and natural light.  Used alone or in combination with other windows, they add curb appeal and can enhance the overall character of your home.speciality-windows-1While these windows may add architectural interest to your space, creating perfect custom window treatments for these oddly shaped windows can be a challenge. Decorative coverings for a variety of uncommon shapes, including elegant arches, striking angles, French doors, and chic curves can be designed, you just need to assess what you want to accomplish in your room in order to create the best solution for the window.

Window shades and coverings offer privacy, light control, and insulation, while also adding a unique, decorative touch- especially when pairing with custom drapes.  Here is a brief list of specialty shaped windows and options for covering them:

Angles, arches, and circle windows can add a distinctive look. There are seemingly countless options for these shapes, including pleated shades, cellular shades, fabric panels, and shutters. When these windows are used as transoms over another window, a wood shutter burst with drapes on each side of the window is a sophisticated solution.speciality-windows-2Bay, corner, and bow windows are architectural statements and offer many benefits, such as added square footage for seating or decoration and allowing more natural light to enter the room.  Most people don’t consider adding custom drapes to bay windows, but they can have a huge impact in the space.speciality-windows-3French doors are elegant and add a lot of natural light to a room, not to mention they offer easy access to the outdoors. Shades, blinds, shutters and drapes can all be used on French doors, but you need to be sure they won’t impede the operation of your doors.  If blinds are too deep you won’t be able to open a door beyond 90 degrees.  Custom drapes are a great option, just be sure they stack back beyond the doors so your doors can easily open.   speciality-windows-4Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades, are an excellent option for specialty shaped windows. If your windows have arched tops, you can add a fan, or sunburst, covering. If you have angled windows custom shades can be made for those as well. This type of covering creates a consistent, unified look, while also offering operability.  speciality-windows-5Windows come in many shapes and sizes but dressing them doesn’t have to be a challenge. Custom window treatments can provide you with options to cover your specialty windows that will best fit your needs and unique style. Whether you have French doors, side lights, arched or angled windows, you can create a solution that works for you.

Find more interior design tips or to see how you can easily design custom drapes online visit our website at


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Whether it’s the holidays or during the summer months, there are certain times of the year your guest room has no vacancy and you need to make sure your guests are comfy and cozy in their temporary digs.

The Essentials

When providing a comfortable space for guests there are a few mandatory items to consider.  First and foremost is a comfortable bed.  Usually a medium firm mattress appeals to most people.  If the mattress is too firm or too soft, your guests can toss and turn and wake up with an aching back.  We don’t recommend using anything smaller than a queen size bed in your guest room.  Many couples have king beds at home, so chances are, sharing a double bed will not be conducive to a good night’s sleep.  However, two twins can provide comfort as well as flexibility in the type of guests you entertain.  Perhaps your two best friends are coming for the weekend and they need to share the guest room.   guestroom-1Be sure to include a nightstand with a lamp on both sides of the bed, so couples each have their own light and a place to set their cell phone and perhaps a glass of water.  Many people work remotely these days, including a desk where someone can set a laptop and do a little work in privacy is always a thoughtful addition.  Also consider a surface for laying out personal care items, perhaps a dresser, bookcase, or shelf, depending on the size of your room.

The last essential is good quality custom window treatments.  Your guests are enjoying a getaway and would perhaps appreciate the ability to sleep a little later than usual.  We’ve all stayed in guest rooms where the morning light is beaming in at 5:30 am, right?  A great solution is a layered window treatment with shades or sheers combined with custom drapes.  This not only provides your guest with ultimate flexibility in privacy and sun control levels, it has an added decorative benefit.  A layered window treatment provides a sense of luxury and full height custom drapes create the sumptuous feeling of a 5-star hotel room that will keep your guest coming back.  guest-room-1Add Some Thoughtful Touches

Fresh flowers, drinking water, and clean towels are all items that contribute to your guest’s comfort.   Some other suggestions to cut down on questions would be to write down the Wi-Fi password and any instructions for the TV remote; leave these on the bedside table for easy access.

Adding a small stack of magazines and a few good books is also a sweet gesture – even sweeter is including a note that encourages guests to take the reads home with them if they’re not finished.   If space allows, a lounge chair, ottoman, and lamp create a relaxing place to wind down with a book before bed.

Oh, and a note on those flowers – they may actually trigger allergies for some guests, so stick with allergen-friendly varietals like begonia, daffodils, and geraniums. Another note on allergies and sensitivities, be sure to not use air fresheners or candles, instead think about an essential oil diffuser.

These special touches will make your guests feel special while they’re staying in your home.guest-room-3-2Tend To The Guest Bathroom

Whether your guests have their own bath, or they are sharing with others in your home, make sure it’s stocked with the necessities. Extra toilet paper, stocked in plain sight, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, lotion, Q-tips, and so on.

Also consider tucking away a hospitality box that’s filled with travel sized items your guests may have forgotten to pack. guest-room-3Guest Room Closet

The guest room closet can become an overflow storage area for things like holiday decorations, suitcases, out of season clothes and other personal items. Clear out the clutter and give your guests a space to unpack. Don’t forget the hangers – plenty of hangers!  Also consider adding shelving in the closet so guests have a place for items that aren’t hangable – undergarments, socks, etc.  We also suggest this being the place to store extra pillows, blankets, towels, washcloths, beach towels, laundry bag, iron and other useful items that your guests can’t pack. guest-room-4Create a Beautiful Space

Decorating the guest room can be just as fun as your bedroom!  An essential we’ve already discussed is custom window treatments, also be sure to add decorative custom pillows on the bed and chairs to coordinate with your drapes, and add large scale wall art, so space feels finished and welcoming but not cluttered; keep the space free of small knickknacks.

The foundation of a comfortable bed and functional furniture pieces combined with layered window treatments, decorative items, and personal touches will assure your guest will enjoy their stay.

To find more Interior Design tips and to learn how you can design coordinating custom drapes and pillows for your guest room, visit our website

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It’s finally getting warmer and just like the shift in the air and growing change outside, we often want a change in the scenery of our interiors too- so should we change out the drapes?

It’s really a personal preference, but doing this twice a year will give you nice variety and a fresh look to prevent that “stale home” look. fresh-look-1Know your lining

Classic drapery, blackout, thermal, and interlining are the main types of window treatment lining. Linings are designed to perform a specific task, so you need to determine what your needs are in your space at certain times of the year.  Then you can determine what type of lining you should switch to.

If your living room faces the west:

We suggest going for a classic drapery or blackout lining during Spring/ Summer and swapping to either thermal or interlining during Autumn/ Winter. Classic drapery and blackout can block the bright morning sun, but also blocks the heat and sun in the afternoon as the sun is setting. Lining can often provide sound insulating properties too.

During winter, thermal and interlining can help keep the heat in and reduce electric and gas spending. Both curtains and blinds are capable of making savings of between 11 and 21% in terms of how effective a material is at insulating from heat transfer.fresh-look-2A Fresh Look

It is unrealistic to have the walls painted or buy new furniture every season. If you are someone who appreciates changing your interior regularly, create a fresh look in your home by simply swapping out drapes using the same hardware.  This is a quick and easy way to completely change the look and feel of your room.  Perhaps in the warmer months you want to lighten up the color and weight of your drape fabric.  While using drapes in darker, richer colors and textures will create a cozy comforting space to curl up in on those chilly winter nights.  Also remember that updating your home with accessories, such as vases and artwork, is a great way to complete your quick and easy transformation for the season.fresh-look-3Have fun picking out patterns and colors for custom contemporary curtains and experiment with different seasonal looks in your home!  Always order free samples online first to see what color combinations work best together in your space.  Once you determine your fabrics, you can decide which style of contemporary drapes you will love and the hardware that will fit your décor as well.

To design custom drapes online with confidence and at your own pace, visit our website and follow our step by step easy process.  Be sure to visit our Interior Design Community for more interior design tips too.

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Exterior Doors

If you have exterior glass doors, consider hanging a single drapery panel on the hinged side of the door, with a rod fully extending beyond the door width.  When you want more privacy, simply pull the panel completely across. If the one-sided look doesn’t fit your space, or you have double doors, simply hang another panel on the other side, leaving room for the door to open and close without Seating

For an extra-cozy and stylish look, layer the windows with a designer combo of shades and decorative drapery panels so you can utilize the space in front of the window for seating or built-in storage. To get this right, refer to our website where you can learn how to measure windows and then create the perfect custom look.   windows-2Wall of Windows

If your sunroom or other living space is lined with walls of large windows, consider incorporating full height custom drapes installed at natural breaks in the glass or evenly spaced intervals around the room. Extremely tall drape panels are challenging to operate, consider adding shades to control your privacy, light, and temperature as Bathroom Window

Water-resistant curtains or shades add stylish color and much-needed privacy to an extra-tall bathroom window. Look for synthetic fibers, outdoor fabric, or decorative shower curtain fabric to ensure a long life. Shades, curtains, or valances can add life to any bathroom.  For other Interior Design tips, check out our website in the Interior Design Windows

Don’t forget to treat your stair windows.  Be sure to use custom window treatments that don’t have cords dangling over the stairs or extra drape fabric pooled on the floor, for safety purposes.  Unless your neighbors are extremely close, privacy is likely not an issue here so allow as much light as possible to come through the treatment.  Using custom drapes on the stairs adds much-needed softness to an otherwise “hard” area of the home. windows-6There’s no need to be afraid of treating windows in awkward places.  The things to always consider are the direction the room faces toward the sun as it either rises or sets, how much privacy you need in the room, and how the treatment needs to operate.  Once you can determine those questions, you can create custom window treatments that will perfectly finish your space!

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