Looking for a contemporary pillow that will add elegance to your space?

The Forma Style Custom Pillow provides a unique contemporary look with contrasting fabric on the upper 1/3.  You will love this 18″ wide by 18″ high pillow with fabric design on both sides, contemporary knife edge, hidden in-seam zipper, and faux down pillow insert for allergy-free luxury.

pillow-decorativeThis pillow is in the Forma Style with Mink Fabric (A) and Taupe Fabric (B)


These pillows are in the Forma Style with Taupe Fabric (A) and Sand Fabric (B)


These pillows are in the Forma Style with Dolphin Fabric (A) and Smoke Fabric (B)

To find the right contemporary custom pillows for you visit TheContemporaryCurtain.com




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So you are ready to select contemporary window treatments for you home.  What are the options?  There are many contemporary window treatment ideas to consider.  The main categories of contemporary window treatments are drapes, blinds, and shades.  Shades or blinds are acceptable on their own in your Kitchen, Bathrooms, or Home Office; but in your Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedrooms, you will need drapes to make the space feel finished and full.

What drape types are considered contemporary window treatments?


Take into account the elements of fabric, drape style, heading, and size.  To get good quality contemporary drapes, you will likely need to go with custom window treatments.  This is a huge advantage in giving you the flexibility to select each of the elements that are right for you.


Contemporary drapes can be made with solid colored fabric or patterned fabric.  If you are drawn to patterns, be sure to look for patterns with two colors.  Three or more colors in a pattern are more indicative of traditional styles.  Be sure you are using good quality fabric.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful the pattern is if it’s on cheap looking fabric.  When the fabric looks cheap, both your drapes and your space look cheap.  Nice looking fabric doesn’t have to be expensive.  You just need to find a good resource, which is often through an interior designer who has access to trade resources or ordering custom window treatments online.  If you go the online route, be sure to order fabric samples to look at in your space and verify the quality.



When it comes to the actual style of the drape, you want to look for a style that will add interest to your room, often incorporating more than one fabric in your drape.  Color blocking is a great way to bring an updated look to your drapes.  Not only does it make your drapes an important visual element, but it creates a custom contemporary design that adds a high-end sense of luxury to your room.


The heading of your drape is critical when it comes to getting the style right. When considering contemporary window treatment ideas for your drapes; be sure to avoid pleats and the traditional rod pocket.  You want to select grommets, rings, or a hidden rod loop style.   If you have a large span of glass and need to close your drapes daily, you could consider a ripple fold style.


Drape Heading with Grommets



Drape Heading with Rings



Drape Heading with Hidden Rod Loop


Make sure your drapes go to the floor.  Don’t stop them at the bottom of the window.  You also want to extend them above your window.   If you have 8 or 9 foot ceilings, your drapes should extend as close as possible from floor to ceiling.  A mistake often made is with the width of drapes.  Whether you are going to close your drapes or not, they should appear wide enough to be able to cover the entire width of the window when closed.  Getting the size right creates a custom contemporary design that will transform your room.

 The impact of drapes is often underestimated.  However, they commonly have a greater visual value than furniture, flooring, or artwork. Be sure you are getting the vital design element of contemporary window treatments right in your space.


Design Team

The Contemporary Curtain



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Over the years, bathrooms have evolved from small utilitarian spaces to lavish spa-like retreats.  They are becoming one of the best designed rooms in the house.  Today’s interior designers are taking bath design a step further by creating beautiful retreats that have the added benefit of being comfortable for all ages and abilities.

The concept of universal design has been around for many years.  The intent is to create a design that is usable by as many people as possible.  Clear floor space, curbless shower, clear knee space below the sink, grab bars, and lever faucet controls are a few features that make a bathroom accessible, without sacrificing aesthetics.


In this photo, Kohler shows that universal design is beautiful design.  As you can see, aesthetics were not sacrificed to get the added function.

One of the advantages of incorporating universal design principles is that it allows someone to stay in their home as they age or if they suffer an injury.  There have been many instances of people, who for example, broke both legs skiing and had to move out of their home because their wheelchair wouldn’t fit through the bathroom door.  A simple design specification of a 36” door rather than a 32” door may have allowed this person to recuperate comfortably in their own home.


A universal bath is more spacious and comfortable for everyone regardless of age or ability.   It just makes sense to utilize universal design principles when building or remodeling a bathroom.  Planning for a simple retrofit is also a smart approach.  For example, if walls are reinforced during construction, grab bars can easily be added later.  When designing your bathroom, work with a qualified interior designer who can lead you through the steps of creating an accessible space.  They will be able to create a beautiful environment that you will enjoy at any stage of your life.


Penny K. Bartlow, ASID                                                                                                                        NYS Certified Interior Designer                                                                                         President, PKB DESIGN LLC

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If you have narrow windows, Trio may be for you. 

This symmetrical, contemporary design allows for the enjoyment of up to three designer fabrics together in one drape. The Trio Style Drape adds visual width making your windows seem wider. Consider the trio for narrow windows.  This style also works well in narrow rooms giving the illusion of a wider space.  The Trio Drape will create a contemporary high-end custom look in any room.


This drape is in the Trio Style with rings in Teak Fabric (A), Mink Fabric (B), Teak Fabric (C).



This drape is in the Trio Style with hidden loop in Marble Fabric (A), Taupe Fabric (B), Sangria Fabric (C).

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As interior designers, we have seen time and time again the difference quality custom curtains make in a room.  They can take a space from ordinary to extraordinary; unfortunately, this is one of the elements that often gets overlooked.

Why design custom curtains, what’s the value?

When you enter a room, the drapes are one of the first elements seen.  They are at eye level, often extending from floor to ceiling.  They are a huge component of the room and immediately set the feeling of the space.  If you design contemporary curtains, visitors will immediately sense the contemporary style of your space.


The fabric of custom curtains adds softness, texture, possibly color or pattern as well as acoustical value.  It’s amazing how much echo is reduced by the addition of drapes.

Now I know what you are thinking, “I can get texture, color, pattern, and acoustical value with ready-made curtains from my local store, why would I want custom curtains?”

There are some major quality differences between typical retail curtains and custom curtains.

  1. LINING: Many retail options have either low-quality liner or none at all. You always want your drapes to be lined to protect them from sun damage, help them keep their shape, be able to see the fabric during the day when light is behind it, and for a fuller look.
  2. FABRIC: Nothing will kill the look of a room quicker than cheap looking curtain fabric. Curtains are a dominant element in a space, if they look cheap, your room will look cheap.
  3. HEMS: Double fold hems will keep your hemline true while improving the overall structure of the curtain. Single fold hems are common in the retail market.
  4. WEIGHTS: Quality drapes include weighted hems, again improving the overall structure of the drape and preventing ends from curling up or moving every time someone walk by them.
  5. THREAD: Curtains should always have color matched fabric thread. Unfortunately, cheap clear plastic thread has become common in the retail market, which falls out easily, unraveling the drapes.
  6. FIT: Installing the right size curtain is essential to add aesthetic value to your space. We often see curtains that are much too small for the window, which ends up detracting from the space rather than improving it.


So, what do these differences mean for you?

Quality construction means your drapes will last longer.  They won’t quickly fade from the sun, or lose their structure, sagging and unraveling from poorly constructed seams.  The return on your investment is strong.  You can feel confident that your drapes will hold up and look great, right up until you are ready to change the style.

When you design quality custom curtains, you are receiving curtains that improve your space, add a sense of luxury, define your style, add much needed softness, and elevate the overall design of the room immeasurably.

When you design custom curtains, there is a huge price range, depending on the fabric and style.  We recommend you do your research and find the options that best fit your budget and style requirements.   In this day and age, you can even easily design custom curtains online.  If you decide to design custom curtains online, be sure to get fabric samples to see in your space – do not order just from a picture online.  The fabric will likely look very different when you see it in person.


Whether you design custom curtains online or work with a local designer, your custom curtains will have a huge impact on the function, look, and feel of your space.  It is an element you never want to underestimate.


Design Team

The Contemporary Curtain


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