It’s finally getting warmer and just like the shift in the air and growing change outside, we often want a change in the scenery of our interiors too- so should we change out the drapes?

It’s really a personal preference, but doing this twice a year will give you nice variety and a fresh look to prevent that “stale home” look. fresh-look-1Know your lining

Classic drapery, blackout, thermal, and interlining are the main types of window treatment lining. Linings are designed to perform a specific task, so you need to determine what your needs are in your space at certain times of the year.  Then you can determine what type of lining you should switch to.

If your living room faces the west:

We suggest going for a classic drapery or blackout lining during Spring/ Summer and swapping to either thermal or interlining during Autumn/ Winter. Classic drapery and blackout can block the bright morning sun, but also blocks the heat and sun in the afternoon as the sun is setting. Lining can often provide sound insulating properties too.

During winter, thermal and interlining can help keep the heat in and reduce electric and gas spending. Both curtains and blinds are capable of making savings of between 11 and 21% in terms of how effective a material is at insulating from heat transfer.fresh-look-2A Fresh Look

It is unrealistic to have the walls painted or buy new furniture every season. If you are someone who appreciates changing your interior regularly, create a fresh look in your home by simply swapping out drapes using the same hardware.  This is a quick and easy way to completely change the look and feel of your room.  Perhaps in the warmer months you want to lighten up the color and weight of your drape fabric.  While using drapes in darker, richer colors and textures will create a cozy comforting space to curl up in on those chilly winter nights.  Also remember that updating your home with accessories, such as vases and artwork, is a great way to complete your quick and easy transformation for the season.fresh-look-3Have fun picking out patterns and colors for custom contemporary curtains and experiment with different seasonal looks in your home!  Always order free samples online first to see what color combinations work best together in your space.  Once you determine your fabrics, you can decide which style of contemporary drapes you will love and the hardware that will fit your décor as well.

To design custom drapes online with confidence and at your own pace, visit our website and follow our step by step easy process.  Be sure to visit our Interior Design Community for more interior design tips too.

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Exterior Doors

If you have exterior glass doors, consider hanging a single drapery panel on the hinged side of the door, with a rod fully extending beyond the door width.  When you want more privacy, simply pull the panel completely across. If the one-sided look doesn’t fit your space, or you have double doors, simply hang another panel on the other side, leaving room for the door to open and close without Seating

For an extra-cozy and stylish look, layer the windows with a designer combo of shades and decorative drapery panels so you can utilize the space in front of the window for seating or built-in storage. To get this right, refer to our website where you can learn how to measure windows and then create the perfect custom look.   windows-2Wall of Windows

If your sunroom or other living space is lined with walls of large windows, consider incorporating full height custom drapes installed at natural breaks in the glass or evenly spaced intervals around the room. Extremely tall drape panels are challenging to operate, consider adding shades to control your privacy, light, and temperature as Bathroom Window

Water-resistant curtains or shades add stylish color and much-needed privacy to an extra-tall bathroom window. Look for synthetic fibers, outdoor fabric, or decorative shower curtain fabric to ensure a long life. Shades, curtains, or valances can add life to any bathroom.  For other Interior Design tips, check out our website in the Interior Design Windows

Don’t forget to treat your stair windows.  Be sure to use custom window treatments that don’t have cords dangling over the stairs or extra drape fabric pooled on the floor, for safety purposes.  Unless your neighbors are extremely close, privacy is likely not an issue here so allow as much light as possible to come through the treatment.  Using custom drapes on the stairs adds much-needed softness to an otherwise “hard” area of the home. windows-6There’s no need to be afraid of treating windows in awkward places.  The things to always consider are the direction the room faces toward the sun as it either rises or sets, how much privacy you need in the room, and how the treatment needs to operate.  Once you can determine those questions, you can create custom window treatments that will perfectly finish your space!

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If you have a dimming switch on a light, you can control how bright or dull the light is, setting the mood for that particular room. What happens when you don’t have a dimmer on every light switch in every room?  It’s still possible to set a mood in a room without a dimmer switch!  You can control the mood with custom window treatments.

Window treatments can cool a room.

The summer months bring sun and heat, especially during certain times of the day.  If you have custom contemporary curtains made, they will have a high-quality liner to keep out the heat and harsh sun, controlling the temperature of the room and making it more comfortable for your family and guests. window-treatments-1Control your privacy.

If you have neighbors close by or if you live on a busy street, you might value your privacy a little more. During the day, you can probably leave your curtains or other window treatments open. At night, on the other hand, you’ll want to close your curtains fully to optimize your privacy.

 Give Your Room Style.

There are many styles of contemporary curtains, for example, our Trio style drape, which incorporates 3 complementary fabrics can bring a distinctive look to your room.  Find your favorite style from the collection on our website at: is Everything.


Shades of blue are known for possessing calming properties and creating a cool, reflective space.  Blue environments are even said to lower blood pressure and stress levels.  Using blue in a home office encourages less anxiety, while it promotes rest and relaxation for a good night’s sleep in your bedroom.window-treatments-3RED FOR PASSION

Red is seen as a power color and should be used wisely in the home.  While red can create of feeling of energy, it can also spark passion, romance, and warmth in a room.  Custom drapes in a deep red bring romance into the bedroom and also can bring zest and energy into an otherwise colorless living room.


If you’re looking for a clean slate or new, fresh energy in your home, decorating with classic shades of white is the way to go.  White opens up the room for a lighter, airier feel.  Classic white blinds and shades or luxurious creamy drapes function beautifully in any room you hope to bring a fresh feel and lightness to.window-treatments-4NATURAL BROWNS FOR WELCOMING WARMTH

Shades of beige and brown, while considered neutral colors, can evoke a variety of different moods including warmth, sophistication, and classic design.  For a warm and inviting home, use these warm neutrals along with warm colors such as reds and oranges.

If you prefer to balance the warmth of these neutrals, incorporate cooler colors such as blue or green with them.  Natural wood blinds, woven wood shades, or rich chocolate honeycomb shades can be used to create a warm, welcoming, cozy feeling in spaces made for gathering and relaxing.

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When ordering custom drapes, something to consider is the lining they are made with.  Lining not only provides functional benefits, such as extending the life of your drapes, preventing light fading in your room, increasing energy efficiency, and controlling the amount of sunlight entering your room.  It also can completely change the look of custom drapes, helping them hang better, look fuller and more luxurious, and impacting the appearance of the face fabric.  There is a saying in the custom window treatment industry, “a drape is only as good as the lining on it.”  Using a high-quality liner is a must for quality custom drapes.curtain-lining-1PolyCotton

Polycotton is a common lining. It is a blend of cotton and polyester. This material is produced in a way that brings out the best of both fibers.

Although cotton is a go-to material for all-round benefits, pure cotton can wrinkle easily and may shrink after being washed. If untreated for fire retardancy, cotton can burn away easily while polyester would just melt.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is extremely durable; resistant to mildew; excellent at retaining color and holds shape well and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Bringing together the benefits of both materials, polycotton is a strong material that is less prone to wrinkles and can insulate well. This type of lining is perfect for any window, as it can meet most needs.

Blackout and Dim Out Lining

Blackout lining has an extra coating so it can block out the sunlight. It is commonly used in bedrooms to completely block out sunlight. In comparison to PolyCotton lining, blackout lining is made from a thicker material, which means it can help with thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Blackout and dim-out curtains have differing properties and advantages. Dim-out allows for most of the light in a room to be blocked, as opposed to a blackout curtain that completely blocks sunlight. curtain-lining-2Thermal Lining

This lining works for you in every season by either keeping in the heat or keeping it out, depending on the time of year.  Save energy and retain warmth inside a room during the colder months with thermal lining. It can block heat from coming in during the warmer weather as well. This lining also can have the added benefits of being blackout and noise reducing.


Interlining is typically a cotton and polyester fleece used as an additional layer of lining. It is perfect for giving curtains a thicker look and it is great for energy efficiency, keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

This type of lining combines the benefits of various linings while adding volume to create a luxurious look. When using fabrics on the thinner side for larger windows, it is beneficial to use an interlining to create a high-quality finish.curtain-lining-3There is a lot to take into consideration when selecting lining for your custom contemporary curtains – which direction your windows face, especially where the sun rises and sets, how much light control you need, how energy efficient your windows are, the look you want to create, and so on. The right type of lining can make a big difference in the look and function of your custom drapes.  Be sure you are using a quality liner because “a drape is only as good as the lining on it.”

For additional interior design tips, how to design custom drapes online, and more, visit our website at

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Pantone’s Color of the Year is “Living Coral” – so how do we use this color in contemporary interior design?


One of the reasons this color was chosen is because of the age we are living in.  Technology has changed the way we interact with people and it’s important to make our environment a friendly, happier place more than ever.  Living Coral can be described as social and optimistic as well as joyful.  Pantone states “vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” It is both energizing and soothing.  So how do we bring this unique color into a sharp and contemporary interior look?

It’s all about the accents, friends.  Accent walls, accent furniture, and accent pieces.pantone-2On the Wall

When you use Living Coral on the wall, use it as an accent wall – on one wall along with other neutral walls.  When incorporating an accent wall, be sure to balance the color around the room by using that same color in accessories, custom window treatments, or custom pillows.   If you prefer a bolder color palette, use it with opposites along the color wheel, like aqua.

Accent Furniture and Accessories

Consider accent furniture to bring the color of the year into your interior.  Whether it be a chair, table, desk, or dresser, accent furniture in a contrasting color adds visual interest to any room.

pantone-3 pantone-4

Purchasing accessories in Living Coral is a great way to bring this trend into your home for an updated look without the investment of new furniture pieces.  A throw, custom pillows, or artwork can be introduced as a pop of contemporary color creating new life in your space.pantone-5









 If you really, really, just can’t get enough of this color you could go completely monochromatic and create the entire room in Living Coral- just to truly hold up to its name!   However, be sure to incorporate a neutral floor and accents for contrast.    pantone-8

For more ways to learn about interior design, visit our Interior Design Community:

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