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Is it time to update your outdated kitchen cabinets?  You may wonder where to begin.  What options might work best for your kitchen?  We will discuss the different types of kitchen cabinets and the pros and cons of each.   

RTA and Stock Cabinets

RTA and Stock Cabinets are the least expensive option and most readily available.  These cabinets are pre-built to standard sizes and therefore limit the design options for your space.  RTA stands for “Ready to Assemble” and will be shipped unassembled.  Because they come in standard sizes, Stock Cabinets can be bought right off the shelf or delivered in a short period of time, usually 1-2 weeks.  Do your homework with these cabinets and make sure you know what material is being used in their construction.  Cheaper material is sometimes used in order to keep costs down and may not be what you expected.  Cabinets made with particle board will likely not hold up as well over time and is vulnerable to warping when exposed to excess moisture.Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-Custom Cabinets are just what the name implies.  These cabinets still come in the standard sizes however, there are some customizable options with this choice.  You can change drawer sizes, door fronts, and cabinet depths.  Semi-custom allows for some customization while still managing to keep costs down.  As these are not typical stock cabinets it can take a few weeks from order to delivery.  Again, be sure to confirm the construction material used to be sure you are getting what you really want.Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are just that, custom.  Anything is possible, cabinets can be made in any size you might need, and this allows for the most flexible design potentials in your kitchen.  With this option, you can make use of every inch of space, optimizing your storage capabilities.  It will probably come as no surprise that this option is the most expensive and will also need the biggest lead time and you should anticipate it taking several weeks from order to delivery.  Also, do not assume that the word ‘custom’ is synonymous with high quality. These cabinets can be made with a variety of materials, from high-quality wood to particleboard.  Be sure to do your research, if you want real wood cabinets, make sure that is what you are getting.

A kitchen cabinet remodel can be an exciting prospect and perhaps a bit daunting.  There are so many options available today.  Take your time, do your research, create a plan and if you need help, reach out to a Certified Interior Designer for guidance.  The kitchen of your dreams is possible, and the pleasure derived from spending time in a space you truly love is priceless.

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