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What are Chakras and how can they impact wellbeing?  Chakras are part of the body’s energy system. Each chakra coordinates with a specific part of the body and has a specific color.  There are seven main chakras that start at the base of your spinal cord and continue all the way up to the top of your head.  The 1st chakra is the Root, the 2nd chakra is the Sacral, the 3rd chakra is the Solar Plexus, the 4th chakra is the Heart, the 5th chakra is the Throat, the 6th chakra is the Third Eye and the 7th chakra is the Crown.

chakras-1The colors that coordinate with each chakra follow the color spectrum, starting at the root chakra and working its way up.  Therefore, red is associated with the Root chakra, orange with the Sacral, yellow with the Solar Plexus, green with the Heart, blue with the Throat, indigo with the Third Eye and violet with the Crown.  Each Chakra has a different meaning/association with various energies in our lives and each color has its own energy vibration.  The Root (located at the base of your spine) represents security, the Sacral (located just below your belly button) represents creativity, the Solar Plexus (located just above your belly button) represents personal power, the Heart (located at heart level) represents love, the Throat (located at the front center of your throat) represents self-expression and communication, the Third Eye (located in the front center of your forehead) intuition and clarity of thought, and the Crown (located on top of your head) represents spiritual inspiration. chakras-2So, you may be asking what do Chakras have to do with design?  Designing for Chakras would imply using different design colors at different times in your life, for the different phases of your life.  For example, if you are going through a phase where you are feeling a need for more security, you may want to design with a lot of red; likewise, if you are feeling a need for more personal power you would want to include lots of yellow in your overall design.

Chakra colors should be considered when designing an individual room that will serve a specific purpose.  If you are a writer, a student, or work from home, you may want to consider adding blue to your office.  Adding blue to the room will help energize your throat chakra and enables better communication skills, verbal and written.  If you are writing fiction, adding orange to the room will stimulate your sacral chakra, the chakra of creativity.  If you have a meditation or yoga room, try adding indigo and violet colors to the space to help activate the third eye and crown chakras, receiving more clarity and inspiration.  Of course, there are several easy ways to add color to your space through carefully chosen pieces of art, or by adding fabric with custom curtains or custom pillows.chakras-3Adding colors to your spaces in order to support specific energy is very easy to do.  Incorporate chakra colors into your room’s design to assist whatever activity you will be doing there. Embracing Chakra colors in your living space will help support a balanced, happy life.

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