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Today’s living room has evolved from the formal, stuffy room used only on holidays to a room frequently utilized for entertaining and family relaxing.  It’s one of the most important rooms of your home, therefore it’s imperative to consider every element of the design.


Contemporary styled living rooms typically have a clean-lined, sophisticated feel, so it’s best to incorporate contemporary curtains that complement those elements.  Your living room curtains will help you set the right mood and create a sense of harmony in your space. Style, light control, and fit are critical elements you will want to consider carefully.  To get the right combination you may want to have custom contemporary curtains made for your living room.

With a contemporary styled living room, it’s essential to design contemporary curtains to create a cohesive feel.  Choose colors and patterns that coordinate with the design concept of your space.  Are you creating tone on tone understated elegance or perhaps a bold statement with the use of color?  Be sure your contemporary drapes are supporting your concept, not detracting from it.

Window treatments are responsible for controlling the amount of light entering the room, which will help with glare and afternoon heat.  You could add a shade to your window for light control and use the drapes for decorative purposes. Or, you can use your contemporary drapes to control the light in your living room.  We recommend running them floor to ceiling to reduce light gaps.  Whether your contemporary drapes are operable or stationary, they should always be lined with high quality liner to control light, maintain their structure, and to let the fabric’s true color show in the space.


Fabric is a soft, luxurious material that is vital to creating the perfect contemporary living room and custom contemporary curtains are one of the best ways to incorporate it.  Installing quality full length drapes in your living room creates the feeling of a plush, well-appointed space.  It’s a difference that you and your guests will immediately feel.

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home.  It’s often the first thing guests see, it sets the mood for entertaining and relaxing with family.  Design your living room’s contemporary curtains for the mood you want to set every day.  Some of the descriptive words we often hear from clients when describing their ideal living room are elegant, inviting, pulled-together, comfortable, sophisticated.  Decide what feeling you want to create in your living room and design contemporary curtains that do just that, so you and your guests will love your space!


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