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What is Contemporary Design?  The word contemporary is defined as living or occurring at the same time; belonging to or occurring in the present.  If we apply that definition to design, then Contemporary Design belongs to the present.  But what specifically defines design as Contemporary? Very often we hear Modern and Contemporary Design used inter-changeably, but are they the same?


Modern Design refers to a specific period of time, the early to mid-20th century. It came about through machination and is characterized by clean, simple lines.  Simplicity and minimalism played a large role in the creation of Modern Design.  It evolved out of the more ornate design styles of the Victorian and Art Nouveau periods.  With the advent of the industrial revolution, design started to move out of the more ornamental and into the functional.

Modern Design has its roots in the European Modernism movement; a cultural and literary evolution following World War One (WWI) that eventually made its way to the United States and was further influenced by the Great Depression. The Tate defines Modernism as being “characterized by a deliberate rejection of the styles of the past; emphasizing instead innovation and experimentation in forms, materials and techniques to create works that better reflected modern society”. The influence of Modernism on architecture and design is historically significant and its influence can still be felt today.

While modern influences can be seen in Contemporary Design, one striking differences is the fluidity that Contemporary Design enjoys. Contemporary Design is what is happening today, it is influenced by cultural changes and the events of our time; by the way we live our lives now.  It is ever evolving and therefore constantly in a state of flux as opposed to Modern Design which is a fixed period of time with specific design elements. This gives Contemporary Design a lot of freedom to be what it wants to be.


Current Contemporary Interior Design is about large open spaces with both function and comfort in mind.  Spaces are designed for living in real time, they have a casualness about them.  They still share clean lines and simplicity with their Modern forefathers, but the rules of today’s Contemporary Design are not solidified. Uncluttered spaces with minimalist design in mind, they feature neutral rooms adding splashes of color through design elements such as contemporary curtains, custom pillows and furniture.  The open space and lack of formality add to the simplicity and function of how we live today and is the natural progression of design, coming out of what has been into what is needed and wanted now.

When it comes to Contemporary Design ideas the important thing to remember is that you are designing a space that you want to live in.  Contemporary Design with its clean lines, neutral colors and natural elements can be molded to fit your tastes and preferences in order to make your home as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.


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