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It is a new year and a good time to de-clutter and re-fresh the spaces in your home.  Think the proverbial “out with the old and in with the new”.  Time to clear out the old things that no longer serve you or bring you joy in order to create room for new things you really want.  It really is a good time of year to re-assess the things you own and whether they still bring you joy.  You know that feeling, you used to love your living space but now it seems a little worn out and tired and you are longing to come home to a space that feels fresh and pleasing.  Maybe it is only one room that needs a facelift or your whole house.  There are several small, easy tweaks you can make to bring back some interest to your home again. How do you begin to de-clutter?  A good general rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in over a year and it doesn’t bring you joy in some way, then it is time to go.  Holding onto things that no longer serve you not only creates clutter in your space but clutter in your life.  By releasing the old, you make room for the new.

Start sorting by creating three groups, a ‘keep’ group, a ‘get rid of’ group, and a ‘not sure’ group.  Once you have sorted the items in a room and have your three groups, you can use the same process to go through the ‘not sure’ group until you only have two piles, wanted and unwanted.  Remember, sometimes less really is more.  If you have sentimental pieces you do not want to get rid of, but don’t want to keep on display, try storing them for a while and bring them back out later.  Once you have your ‘keep’ items, consider the space you have; if there isn’t enough room for everything you want to keep then consider purging more items, storing them or placing items in another room.If extra storage space is needed for the items you want to keep, try adding new bookshelves to space, a storage cabinet, an armoire, or a closet organizer.  In smaller living spaces, try adding furniture pieces that give additional storage space.  Include an ottoman in the living room that can store blankets or board games, a storage bench at the end of a bed for bedding or storage closets in an entryway; get creative with your storage solutions

After you have organized everything, you are ready to bring new design elements into your spaces, which will help freshen up the overall look and feel of your home.  Small, subtle changes really can make a big difference.  Bring a new look to your living room by bringing in a new coffee table that adds an interesting design element.  Try adding a fresh coat of paint and coordinating custom pillows and custom drapes; switch out artwork and sculptures to add a fresh look to your room.  Try adding a new chair or reupholstering an old one and add a new accent rug.  The same simple philosophy can be used for any room in your home to add a fresh new look and feel.By decluttering your space, you will declutter your life, the whole of your space will feel better and in turn, will make you feel better.  Everything has a place or function that serves you and brings you joy.  If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t belong.  By adding a few new design elements, you really can make the old feel new again and give your home the fresh new feel you have been longing for.

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