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Green design, which has been prevalent in commercial contemporary interior design for many years, is rapidly expanding in the residential market.  More homeowners want to provide a healthy environment for their families and conserve energy.  After all no one wants to pay too much for their electric bill or live in a home that may cause health problems.  It is becoming easier and easier to live in a green environment.  Some of the basic principles of green design are conserving energy and water, reducing waste, improving indoor air quality, and using materials that minimize the impact on our environment.

When remodeling an existing home or building new, work with an interior designer who has experience in green design.  They will help you learn about interior design, identify green building techniques, and specify environmentally friendly finishes and materials such as low VOC paints and countertops made from recycled materials.  Most interior designers are familiar with green flooring options including, cork, linoleum and bamboo.  Low flow faucets and dual flush toilets can be specified to conserve water, while energy efficient lighting will reduce electric bills.  An interior designer, who utilizes green design principles, will make your home attractive, affordable and safe, while incorporating contemporary interior design ideas.

Even if you are not remodeling, there are a few interior design tips that everyone can consider for incorporating green principles in their home.  Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs, only purchase energy star appliances, contact your energy supplier to request clean power and of course recycle more.

Green homes create healthier environments for families, reduce utility bills, and help to preserve our limited natural resources for future generations.

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