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Specialty windows are stationary windows that don’t operate and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to help maximize your view and natural light.  Used alone or in combination with other windows, they add curb appeal and can enhance the overall character of your home.speciality-windows-1While these windows may add architectural interest to your space, creating perfect custom window treatments for these oddly shaped windows can be a challenge. Decorative coverings for a variety of uncommon shapes, including elegant arches, striking angles, French doors, and chic curves can be designed, you just need to assess what you want to accomplish in your room in order to create the best solution for the window.

Window shades and coverings offer privacy, light control, and insulation, while also adding a unique, decorative touch- especially when pairing with custom drapes.  Here is a brief list of specialty shaped windows and options for covering them:

Angles, arches, and circle windows can add a distinctive look. There are seemingly countless options for these shapes, including pleated shades, cellular shades, fabric panels, and shutters. When these windows are used as transoms over another window, a wood shutter burst with drapes on each side of the window is a sophisticated solution.speciality-windows-2Bay, corner, and bow windows are architectural statements and offer many benefits, such as added square footage for seating or decoration and allowing more natural light to enter the room.  Most people don’t consider adding custom drapes to bay windows, but they can have a huge impact in the space.speciality-windows-3French doors are elegant and add a lot of natural light to a room, not to mention they offer easy access to the outdoors. Shades, blinds, shutters and drapes can all be used on French doors, but you need to be sure they won’t impede the operation of your doors.  If blinds are too deep you won’t be able to open a door beyond 90 degrees.  Custom drapes are a great option, just be sure they stack back beyond the doors so your doors can easily open.   speciality-windows-4Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades, are an excellent option for specialty shaped windows. If your windows have arched tops, you can add a fan, or sunburst, covering. If you have angled windows custom shades can be made for those as well. This type of covering creates a consistent, unified look, while also offering operability.  speciality-windows-5Windows come in many shapes and sizes but dressing them doesn’t have to be a challenge. Custom window treatments can provide you with options to cover your specialty windows that will best fit your needs and unique style. Whether you have French doors, side lights, arched or angled windows, you can create a solution that works for you.

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