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Are you looking for a way to make your old dining room feel new again?  Making a few simple changes really can have big payoffs when it comes to updating your space.  Maybe you love your dining room furniture but the overall space seems dull, lacks definition and feels as if something is missing.  It is time for a change and you are ready; so, where do you begin?


Something as simple as adding a new pair of curtains and changing the paint color can breathe new life into a space you have grown bored with.  Adding or updating fabric in your space really is one of the easiest ways to make the old feel new again.  It is a small change that can have a large impact on the overall design and feel of a room.  Adding fabrics to your dining room allows you to bring new color and texture into your space.  A great place to start is by designing a pair of custom curtains that you love. The entire design of the room can be inspired by and centered around these curtains.  Having a starting point for your design concept always makes it easier to build out the rest of the design elements.

When designing new custom curtains for your dining room, there are many things to consider and a great place to start is by asking yourself what kind of mood are you trying to set?  Do you want your space to feel formal or informal, romantic or whimsical, contemporary or traditional?  Will the curtains be decorative or do they need to be functional as well?  What colors and patterns might look good in the space?  Once you’ve answered these questions and found the perfect custom curtains you can begin to “build” your new room design, choosing paint color and complementary accents.


In today’s modern contemporary interior design with open living spaces, one room can blend into the next, getting lost in the vastness and lacking personality.  By adding fabrics in the form of contemporary curtains, custom pillows, table runners, or upholstered chairs you give your dining room definition through texture, pattern, or a pop of color.  It really can help distinguish the space from other areas in an open floor plan.


Fabrics, especially in the form of custom curtains, can set the tone for your space and can help to soften a room giving it that finished look you have been waiting for. Taking the old and making it feel new again, turning your dining room into a space you actually enjoy and want to spend some time in.  The bottom line is to trust your instincts, have fun decorating your home, it is your space and it should be a reflection of you and your style.  Interior Designer, Dorothy Draper said, “I believe in doing the thing you feel is right; if it looks right, it is right.”


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