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Over the last century, there has been a shift in American society and how we live our daily lives.  The way Americans work is also shifting and where they spend their days has taken on new importance.  Slowly fading are the days of Americans spending eight hours a day in a tiny, impersonal cubicle.  In its place, the desire for a visually pleasing workspace is increasing and millennials may well be the driving force behind the movement. blog-october-2-aFor several years, studies have been done on the aesthetics of a space and its influence on the individuals occupying the space.  For example, the influence of art in healthcare has been linked to efficacy rates of patient recovery.  According to, “In healthcare settings, the display of nature scenes has been linked to lower levels of patients’ perceived pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and general distress, and is usually gauged to be a positive distraction (one that elicits good feelings and holds attention without causing stress, thereby blocking worrisome thoughts).  Patients also socialize more with each other, are less restless and quieter when nature scenes are on view”.blog-october-2-bIn the same way that art has been proven to be beneficial in healthcare, it is now proving to have great value in the workplace.  Understanding the importance of art in a workspace and the influence it has on employees is gaining momentum.  According to Minted. “Resimercial is an interior design style for commercial spaces that embraces form and function – the softness of the residential design and the high-performance functionality of commercial; comfort is the new cool…in order to attract and retain the best talent, interior designers are shifting to create commercial spaces that employees want to be in”.

Studies now show that art in the workplace can enable creativity, productivity, and overall increased wellbeing.  Karen Gelardi, creative services manager for Designtex Surface Imaging, says “Creativity is about thinking about things in a different way.  You need it whether you’re a programmer or a doctor or an accountant; by having artwork around you, your mind can wander and make new connections.  It can be soothing or inspiring.  It can lead to a different type of focus”.  Coordinating your artwork with other elements in your space such as flooring, furniture, custom window treatments, or custom pillows can complement the overall aesthetic of the workspace and enhance the visual pleasure of the by the University of Exeter School of Psychology found that individuals working in a workspace with art and plants (enriched environments) were 15% more productive than workers in spaces that did not have these.  It seems employees agree as a recent survey by the Business Committee for the Arts, Inc. and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors found that 94 percent of employees agreed art enhances the work environment.


The evidence supporting the value of art in the workplace is compelling and appears to be on its way to becoming the norm in the modern 21st Century workplace.  As American society continues to shift and evolve, the workplace will too.  The workforce will continue to look for satisfying work experiences, including workspaces that are visually pleasing and feel good to be in.

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