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A dining room is where many conversations happen, many gatherings and events; this is why you will want a point of interest, mood-setting light, a fixture that enhances color and enables great conversation. A chandelier can act as a bold contemporary interior design statement or a subtle one.  It can be an opulent conversation starter or simply compliment a beautiful meal. Either way, the dining room is a fantastic place to add an unexpected design detail with a chandelier that is just your style.

A few key points in selecting the perfect light fixture for your contemporary dining room:

Balancing Texture:

Design elements such as texture play a big part in how the chandelier will work in your room.  Balancing smooth and shiny textures of metal or glass on a chandelier with soft, lush fabric in upholstery and window treatments will give the room a finished look. Contemporary window treatments, especially floor to ceiling custom drapes can have the added benefit of enhancing vertical lines, creating an illusion of more height in the room, and balancing the height of the chandelier for a more cohesive room design. chandelier-1Getting The Size Right:

A chandelier should be harmonious with the scale of the space without overpowering it. Make sure the chandelier is one-half to three-quarters the width of your table. If your table is 40″ wide and 60″ long we recommend a 24″ – 36″ diameter chandelier. For the right hanging height the bottom of the chandelier should be around 30″ above the table. If your ceilings are higher than 8′, then you can add an additional 3″ for every foot above 8’. This will ensure that you have ample clearance for hanging your chandelier; and it won’t be too small, getting lost in the room, or overwhelm the space by being too large.  Small dining tables are beautifully complemented by similarly delicate chandeliers. As a general rule it’s best to select a chandelier that is the same shape as your table; for example, avoid pairing round tables with rectangular light fixtures.chandelier-2Creating Lighting Levels:

The amount of light in a room is vital to how you use the space. Not enough or too much light can make a space extremely uncomfortable.  Consider the size of the room as well as the type of light source and wattage.  When you walk into the room and gaze at the halo created from the perfect chandelier, you want to be sure it is creating the right mood.  Keep in mind that lighting from a chandelier that beams directly onto a person from above is neither flattering or comfortable.  Look for chandeliers that offer indirect lighting where the light will reflect off the ceiling or walls for a softer effect.  Avoid high wattage bulbs and consider if you want your bulbs to be a warm or cool light.  For most interiors, 2700K warm light LED bulbs should be sufficient. If you have a space with lots of crisp whites, blues and grays then consider 3000K.  A wall dimmer will also help you control the light and set a more flattering mood. Lighting design has to offer flexibility; changing the intensity is almost a necessity.   Some events may call for a lot of light while others will be more intimate and romantic, so getting a fixture that can be controlled by a dimmer is essential in a dining room. chandelier-3To learn about interior design, visit our website at – read more blogs and receive access to our interior design reports!

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