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Whether it’s the holidays or during the summer months, there are certain times of the year your guest room has no vacancy and you need to make sure your guests are comfy and cozy in their temporary digs.

The Essentials

When providing a comfortable space for guests there are a few mandatory items to consider.  First and foremost is a comfortable bed.  Usually a medium firm mattress appeals to most people.  If the mattress is too firm or too soft, your guests can toss and turn and wake up with an aching back.  We don’t recommend using anything smaller than a queen size bed in your guest room.  Many couples have king beds at home, so chances are, sharing a double bed will not be conducive to a good night’s sleep.  However, two twins can provide comfort as well as flexibility in the type of guests you entertain.  Perhaps your two best friends are coming for the weekend and they need to share the guest room.   guestroom-1Be sure to include a nightstand with a lamp on both sides of the bed, so couples each have their own light and a place to set their cell phone and perhaps a glass of water.  Many people work remotely these days, including a desk where someone can set a laptop and do a little work in privacy is always a thoughtful addition.  Also consider a surface for laying out personal care items, perhaps a dresser, bookcase, or shelf, depending on the size of your room.

The last essential is good quality custom window treatments.  Your guests are enjoying a getaway and would perhaps appreciate the ability to sleep a little later than usual.  We’ve all stayed in guest rooms where the morning light is beaming in at 5:30 am, right?  A great solution is a layered window treatment with shades or sheers combined with custom drapes.  This not only provides your guest with ultimate flexibility in privacy and sun control levels, it has an added decorative benefit.  A layered window treatment provides a sense of luxury and full height custom drapes create the sumptuous feeling of a 5-star hotel room that will keep your guest coming back.  guest-room-1Add Some Thoughtful Touches

Fresh flowers, drinking water, and clean towels are all items that contribute to your guest’s comfort.   Some other suggestions to cut down on questions would be to write down the Wi-Fi password and any instructions for the TV remote; leave these on the bedside table for easy access.

Adding a small stack of magazines and a few good books is also a sweet gesture – even sweeter is including a note that encourages guests to take the reads home with them if they’re not finished.   If space allows, a lounge chair, ottoman, and lamp create a relaxing place to wind down with a book before bed.

Oh, and a note on those flowers – they may actually trigger allergies for some guests, so stick with allergen-friendly varietals like begonia, daffodils, and geraniums. Another note on allergies and sensitivities, be sure to not use air fresheners or candles, instead think about an essential oil diffuser.

These special touches will make your guests feel special while they’re staying in your home.guest-room-3-2Tend To The Guest Bathroom

Whether your guests have their own bath, or they are sharing with others in your home, make sure it’s stocked with the necessities. Extra toilet paper, stocked in plain sight, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, lotion, Q-tips, and so on.

Also consider tucking away a hospitality box that’s filled with travel sized items your guests may have forgotten to pack. guest-room-3Guest Room Closet

The guest room closet can become an overflow storage area for things like holiday decorations, suitcases, out of season clothes and other personal items. Clear out the clutter and give your guests a space to unpack. Don’t forget the hangers – plenty of hangers!  Also consider adding shelving in the closet so guests have a place for items that aren’t hangable – undergarments, socks, etc.  We also suggest this being the place to store extra pillows, blankets, towels, washcloths, beach towels, laundry bag, iron and other useful items that your guests can’t pack. guest-room-4Create a Beautiful Space

Decorating the guest room can be just as fun as your bedroom!  An essential we’ve already discussed is custom window treatments, also be sure to add decorative custom pillows on the bed and chairs to coordinate with your drapes, and add large scale wall art, so space feels finished and welcoming but not cluttered; keep the space free of small knickknacks.

The foundation of a comfortable bed and functional furniture pieces combined with layered window treatments, decorative items, and personal touches will assure your guest will enjoy their stay.

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