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The season of Thanksgiving is here again!  It is the Harvest Season, and a time to reflect on all we have to be grateful for.  You may be thinking about that all-important Thanksgiving meal.  Ahh, the great American tradition of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and of course the all-important stuffing.  The inevitable green bean casserole which is nicely compensated for by the oh so delicious pumpkin pie.  Of course, the meal really starts with the ambiance set by the dining room design and decor.  The traditional harvest colors of orange, red, yellow and brown are most commonly used and abundantly available, however, non-traditional color themes can be just as festive.  So, how do you bring the perfect thanksgiving design to your dining room? thanksgiving-1The design will begin with and focus mostly on your table, with various secondary design elements adding to the atmosphere of the space.  The table design is all about building layers, coordinating your pieces to pull together an overall aesthetically pleasing look.  There are several things to consider when contemplating Thanksgiving Day design for your dining space.  Do you prefer traditional or contemporary interior design, simple or more elaborate design?  Let’s consider some of the design layers for your dining room table.

The heart of your table design begins with the centerpiece you choose.  This choice will dictate the color scheme and additional elements of your table.  The options, of course, are endless. One of the simplest and most readily available choices is to use seasonal vegetables and fruits.  Bringing the outdoors in for the harvest season can really add to the festive feel of the day.  Think pumpkin design for a very easy seasonal touch and flowers that include traditional harvest colors.  Use fresh produce such as squash, apples, and corn as part of your design.  Consider using other outdoor elements like tree branches, colored leaves, and green plants as part of your centerpiece.  Adding candles to the table can bring a very romantic feel to the dinner, especially if you are planning an evening meal.  Play with color, possibly picking one traditional Thanksgiving color to emphasize and accenting it with non-traditional colors.thanksgiving-2 Once you have decided on the all-important centerpiece design it is time to consider the other components of your table.  Do you want a tablecloth and runner, or maybe just one but not the other?  The fabric you choose should be complementary to the centerpiece colors and textures.  If you are creating an elaborate centerpiece, you may want to go simpler with the tablecloth and runner.  Next, consider your place settings.  What dinnerware, silverware, and glassware would you like to use?  Again, it depends on how formal you want your space to be.  Maybe you have purchased special dinnerware specifically for the occasion that you want to highlight (in which case all other design choices will center around the dinnerware).  Another layer to consider are the napkins and napkin rings, choosing napkins that will complement the colors and textures you’ve already chosen.  If your overall design plan is very simple, you might want to choose very elaborate napkin rings to add a design element that will stand out and really make a statement.  Adding place-card holders or decorative placemats is another way to add a layer of design, and again, can be quite simple or very elaborate.  thanksgiving-3Once the table design is complete, you can move on to the rest of the room.  Consider adding the same centerpiece elements to other surfaces such as a buffet.  Changing existing artwork to coordinate with your holiday decorations is another design layer that can easily add to the Thanksgiving experience. Adding custom curtains with seasonal colors will complete the continuity of the overall design of your dining room. thanksgiving-4Creating your Thanksgiving Day oasis can be as simple or elaborate as you want.  Let your imagination run wild.  It is a great excuse to flex your creative muscle and have fun designing a space that both you and your guests can enjoy.  Your design will enhance the overall atmosphere of the day, helping everyone to get into the holiday spirit, making it more fun and pleasurable for all and giving everyone a memorable experience to truly be thankful for!

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