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Window treatments are big deal when considering how to design any room in your homeWith so many options to choose from, trying to find the best fit can be overwhelming. When selecting window treatments for clients, we consider several factors to be sure we get it right. Some things for you to consider when choosing custom window treatments are: functionality, style, and type of material.  Do you need to block light, create privacy, or just add to the visual design of your space? Can you layer more than one option? a-guide-to-window-treatments-part-1-aIn terms of functionality, window treatments can meet many practical needs, especially when layered. Curtains or shades lined with blackout fabric will fully block light from the outside. Shades or blinds paired with drapescan block all angles of the windows to provide maximum privacy at night. Sheers will allow plenty of light into a room, reducing the need for lamps during the day and making them a sound option for living rooms, dining rooms and patios.

When it comes to style there are so many things to consider! What style do you prefer? What type of ambience do you wish to create in the room? There is such a huge range of style options from; classic, traditional pleated drapes to contemporary curtains, blinds and shades, making them a simple way to transform a room and add personality. The way a window is “dressed” (or not) sets the tone of the room.

Choosing the best quality materials for window treatments is important. Fabric, wood and metal elements can all be brought into your space adding to the overall design of your room.
High quality materials will also add to the longevity of your treatments. Custom window treatments are an investment, be sure to get the best quality for your budget.a-guide-to-window-treatments-part-1-b

When contemplating what window treatments will work best in your home, it is important to take your time and consider each room individually when selecting window treatments; don’t feel like what you select in your living room must apply to your dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Each space in your home isunique and functions differently. For example, you may want to create privacy and block out light in your bedroom (function) while creating an atmosphere conducive to a peaceful place to rest and recharge (style and materials).  Those exact needs will most likely not apply to the other spaces in your home, where the need for function and aesthetics will strike a different balance.  Of course, as with any good design, you DO want to make sure the rooms flow well together, so you will want to choose colors and quality goods that coordinate well together.


a-guide-to-window-treatments-part-1-cChoosing the right window treatments for your home may at first seem like a daunting task, but it is one that pays off in a big way because nothing makes a room look more polished and finished than custom window treatments.  To learn how to measure windows correctly for your window treatments and more interior design tips, please visit our website  In our next blog we will continue our discussion on custom window treatments and the specific options available to you.

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